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November 2006
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Aneesa [userpic]

When packing your lamp to attend a Magical University, what should you bring? I could just bring everything, because lets face it, it will all be compressed in my lamp so it won't take up much space, or be too heavy to carry. I'd ask my parents for advice, but well, never of them ever went college. It wasn't until recently genies were even admitted to Witch U...

Current Mood: busybusy

Thanks,for that I don't think I'll act jerky to you like I do everyone else.

BEcause I'm a genie?

No,because you're so understanding.

What am I understanding about?


*laughs* Okay.

So,because of Marnie Piper,they're now letting all creatures into Witch U?

*nods* Yes, that is how I got in.

Hmm,sounds like this year was your lucky year.

Same as your girlfrien

Hm,she's half mortal,so,we'll have to talk about that.

Half mortal,. half genie? So she should really be thankful.

I guess so. She's dating me, Rosco Zeal, one of Halloweentowns lowlifes,which I'm not!

Why do you say youre a low life?

Okay,I'll admit I'm a mean,rotten jerk but you can't change who you are.

Of course you can. You're the only person that can change you.

I dunno if I can change my nature.

I think if you really wanted to change, you could.

Meh,I dunno,I think I like how I am now. Even if everyone else doesn't.

Thats your perogative.

Yep.I don't want to be nice just to make people feel better.

You oculd always be nice to make yourself feel better.

Unless you don't feel bad about being mean.