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November 2006
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Aneesa [userpic]

When packing your lamp to attend a Magical University, what should you bring? I could just bring everything, because lets face it, it will all be compressed in my lamp so it won't take up much space, or be too heavy to carry. I'd ask my parents for advice, but well, never of them ever went college. It wasn't until recently genies were even admitted to Witch U...

Current Mood: busybusy

Same thing. Or is there a difference?

Well a lamp is shaped more like a gracy boat and its gold and bottle look like bottles and are glass.

Oooh,I got ya. Sabrina,my girlfriend, took me into her bottle,it was nice.

*nods* The bottles are more feminine I think.

Ooh,how are the lamps?

Well boy genies have lamps too, they're more unisex.

I see. That's interesting.

*nods* Learn something new every day.

So,how long till you go to school?

Not long. Where will you be goign to school?

I don't really go to school. But I teach myself.

Yep,I personally think Witch U is just some big dark sham. But..that's just me.

Hrm, well some of us are actually proud to go there.

No offense. They're probably letting any person that just comes in and they accept them.